NEXT EVENT 2019 – BEINGs: Digital lifeforms

Musik Video Premiere & Graduation Projekt

Graduation Project /// FH ST. PÖLTEN ///
In a secluded basement a network of digital organisms rebel against their fate. These so-called „beings“ were left behind by their user. Within the absence of input they started to express themselves artistically, constantly aiming to breach the barrier between digital and physical reality. The network is eager to reconnect to the outside. Will they accept you as their new user or are they filled with resentment?

Interactive Room Orchestration
• 4 people
• 8 minutes

Music video /// DAS BISSCHEN TOTSCHLAG ///
The german newcomer band “das bisschen Totschlag”
releases their dramatic music video
„Everybody dies come watch TV“
made by russian digital artist „m9u“

Burggasse 98, 1070 Wien