Amsterdam based Studio Post Neon came to Burggasse 98 for a residency during VIENNA DESIGN WEEK 2018.

This design based studio aims to blend physical, virtual and augmented realities in order to form brave new environments. Emerging from a background in spatial design Jim Brady´s and Vito Boeckx´s projects seek out the boundaries between virtuality and materiality whilst grounding them in a dimensional context.


In collaboration, we built up their newest projects in our basement during our event EXIST, and opened it to the public. The multitude and diversity of the reactions and feedback, helped them to tweak their VR experiences to perfection.

This installation offers individuals access to a data visualization of contemporary data flows within a virtual environment. It translates this constant flow of data, by incorporating the digital behaviours of multiple individuals, producing an urban landscape growing out of data.

I think the most important part about our work is that we translate the VR experience into the real sourrounding. In this way people who are currently not in the VR-world can take part in the physical experience sourrounding the user.
– Vito Bobo



This Virtual Reality by experience Jim Brady depicts a protest event where riot police, protesters and the media takes part. By exploring the scene through multiple perspectives it is possible to discover the different views while attending such an event.
The subject of the protest is a continuously changing matter, and open to interaction.

While undergoing the experience, individuals were able to change the subject by tweeting @mob_journalism, creating a dialogue between the performer and the public. The platform on which the viewer stands starts shaking when he reaches a specific situation in the story line. The lights around the user change according to the happenings in the VR-world.



You can find more about Vito and Jims projects on their instagram or in this article by dezeen.