These color pencil sketches will make you dizzy

Serbian artist Vunik mezmerises with his crazy drawings.

Almost ready

Born in 1993 in Belgrad, Vunik is still of a younger generation. Since 2012 the serbian artist studies Grafik Design at “Die Angewandte” in Vienna. Since he was a small boy, Vunik designs his own reality on paper. Weird shapes, plants and animals arise from his endless phantasy.

white crayon on paper, 300x200cm

“A true perfectionist”

Just moments before the opening. Vunik still draws meticulously on his detailed work. It looks flawless but still he seems unsatisfied, not meeting his high demands. The colors, seem to pop out of his work.

spraypaint on concrete


Vunik doesn´t talk much. Much more it seems that he is observing the details in his sourrounding with a sharp stare. His signature character is a raven, mysteriously appearing between abstract and natural shapes and hard light. His works make you pause and appreciate what things are made from.

colored pencil on black paper

Purchase Vunik´s work @ Oxymoron Gallery, Burggasse98 Vienna

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