Yes it´s time to feel the summer already, cop the new “Globo Brasil Book”

Extreme snowfall and a alcohol poisoning delayed the release of this handcrafted book.

The “City of God”

Rio de Janeiro seems to be inspiring.
Despite the great weather and distractions presented on the beach, Knarf translated his personal experience into an amazing book. By reproducing and arranging fruit-sticker graphics, he manages to capture the local feel. It seems like he is soaking up and translating the sourrounding with his leisure sketchstyle. Finally you can purchase KNARF´s “Globo Brasil Book”

“like fresh coco from the coast”

This A5-hardcover book has 76 B&W pages, screen- and risoprinted on 2 different types of paper. Handbound in an edition of 103 pieces with A3 format poster. You should get your hands on this as soon as possible.


Be smart, get a copy asap before it´s too late.