Review: Living Studio – creative process

Collage on cardboard by Ben Reyer

#streetartpassage and Jan Arnold gallery curator Sebastian Schager came up with a new exhibition format.

The idea is simple.

Together with Joseph Rudolf & Amelie Brandstetter, Sebastian Schager organized an exhibition @ Museumsquartier Vienna. Typical exhibition spaces such as the Frei_raum @ Quartier21 – and the Oxymoron gallery @ Burggasse 98 – are transformed into atelier spaces. Sixteen artists from different disciplines move in. For two weeks they are working side by side on their exhibition pieces. The visitors get a chance to personally enter the different creative processes that normally remain hidden. It is possible to follow the development of each artists work, therefore they become more comprehensible for the visitors.

Detail of Patrick Roman Scherer´s work – photo by Sarah Glück

Artist are able to connect and network

Since the artists work next to each other, they share and observe their techniques and are inspired by each others styles. Their methods are interrupted by social interactions and influenced by others working around them. With this setup, and the space offers the initiators hope to boost the artists to create unusual and innovative work.

“Creativity is a process. In exceptional cases, it can be an event in which the creative idea strikes like lightning. It goes without saying that the result doesn´t merely correspond to the original idea. If we give chance, error and failure space in the creative process, unforeseen events can happen and original ideas emerge.” says curator Sebastian Schager (

Sebastian Babos developed a series of wax rotation casts – photo by Sarah Glück

Joseph Rudolph´s “TV Swing” is an educational critical piece – photo by Sarah Glück

How did the unusual and public atelier situation influence their work?

The spaces transformed into ateliers are known for attracting people who pass by.
By asking questions, the visitors give the artists chance for additional reflection.
Pulled out of their process, the artists face objective questions about their work.
Jana Kolbert, Max Freund and Paul Riedmüller worked at the Oxymoron gallery. Normally used purely as exhibition space, the gallery faces a street with a lot of people passing by.

“It was surprising how well it worked with 2 others in a limited space and not alone. We already knew each others style but it was definitely a new experience to create next to each other. Burggasse98 is quite a busy place and it is interesting to see that people drop by and are interested about the process and what we are doing here. “ Max Freund

together with Paul Riedmüller, Max Freund created an oversized sketchbook

A whole new series of works

“It was very motivating to work next to others and follow their process. Every object you see in a room is definitely a strong influence, is translated and transformed in what you are currently creating.” Jana Kolbert

See the catalogue with all works and pricing here.

The finished works are on display until 23rd February 2018 @ Frei_Raum Q21, Museumsquartier Vienna.