Insane new mural by Giorgio Bartocci “Mors Vitalis” @ Oxymoron Gallery

To promote his soloshow “Mors Vitalis” @ Oxymoron Gallery, italien artist Giorgio Bartocci painted the Hansi Hölzel memorial wall.

“The balance between life and death”

Italien artist Giorgio Bartocci was recently invited to Vienna by the Oxymoron Gallery. While preparing works for his solo show, he also painted the rotation wall at Falcostiege, Kettenbrückengasse, which is curated by Skirl. Giorgio recently uses blacks, yellows from orange to neon, greys & whites & gold as signature colors to create paintings and collages from paper. His abstract overlapping shapes come together in a mesmerizing pattern and are topped of with hidden ghost faces.

“Ciao, bello”

Before leaving on monday, Giorgio decided to do one more piece. A spontanious easter-sunday-jam, together with SKIRL and RUIN. They came up with an oversized collaboration at Donaukanal close to Uniqua tower, enhancing Bartocci´s style.

Find a short promotion clip with information about the solo show here.