Wandblatt released Nr.3 and the promotion video is hilarious

This viennese handcrafted book features top artists from all over the europe.

The “Erotic Edition” is about to release

We’re always happy to see hand-made publications, especially when they are made by artists and collectives. For their 3rd edition, the IRGA IRGA crew releases multiple contributions from fellow graffiti and street artists that share their view and understanding of graffiti. Following their own rules and without making any concessions, they are focusing on the theme of erotic.

poster by Knarf

Fresh Max – photo by Jaime Rojo

Shida – photo by Jaime Rojo

Shida – photo by Jaime Rojo

“Ein Wandblatt aus Wien”

The sensual hardcover book encompasses 198 pages, and is limited to an edition of 200, each with an individually screen printed cover. Put together, edited and produced by the austrian artists Knarf, Mafia and Fresh Max. Their wide network features many well-known and upcoming artists from middle europe and other continents. This publication is already a classic.

the love hole

To promote the book, the collaborative came up with an awesome promotion movie and ivited  to Museumsquartier Vienna for the release of the book. They built up an installation at #streetartpassage Vienna. In a red-light-district like box, the book was given through a “love hole”.

photos by IRGA IRGA

There will be a second release of the publication in Berlin at “Urban Spree Gallery” soon.

Wandblatt NR 3 “erotic edition” (SOLD OUT)
limited edition of 200
15 x 21 cm
handmade hardcover / 182 pages

includes works by :
Felipe Pantone UB, Tomek PAL, Germes Gang, 2501, Moderne Jazz, Graphik Surgery, 108, Basik, CT, Jamy, Eugor & Urod, Fresh Max, Turbosafary, Giorgio Bartocci, Retro23, Mafia/Tabak, Mazo, Alberonero, Burnbjoern, Shida and Knarf

PREORDER: http://wandblatt.bigcartel.com/product/wandblatt-n3 (SOLD OUT)