Fresh Max´s tigers on the second floor - photo: Niklas Worisch

We just wanted to have some fun.


Burggasse 98

A new coat of paint makes things look new and fresh. It is always a reason to celebrate, so we built a whole event around it. It was summer 2014, the start of a new arthouse in Vienna: Burggasse 98.

Our small “street shop” on the other side of the street – photo: Nina Worisch

Knarf and Frau Schödel meet on the second floor – photo: Gilbert Berthold

“Irga Irga”

Irga Irga, the most upcoming street art crew in Austria (Knarf, Fresh Max & Mafia) was asked to paint the facade of our house. Their works couldn´t be more different, but still they managed to combine their styles perfectly on the facade.


WIP – photo: Niko Havranek

Knarf working, early in the morning.

Three Days of painting

It took the artists eight days to finish the artwork. Knarf designed the layout and decided to share the surface into rectangular panels, to get around the windows and to give every member of his collective his own space. Knarf implemented parts of the sourrounding and a lot of symbolics into his part.


Fresh Max´s wild cats on the second floor – photo: Niklas Worisch

Detail: the middle part of the house – painted by Knarf photo: Niklas Worisch

“Day by day, the word seemed to got out about what we were doing. Since the painting took quite some time, we started to build up couches and chairs next to the house. Giving out homemade ice cream and selling cheap drinks definitely helped rounding up quite some people.” Niklas Worisch

“The 98”

The last thing missing was a big number above the entrance of the house. Quite some people already collected so we came up with a spontanious surprise. When the last strokes of the painting were finished, we lit up bengalos out of the top windows of the roof to celebrate the finished mural.

Shortly before the bengalos were lit. photo: Nina Worisch

See the video of the production here.