Sommer Fest OPEN DOORS 1.+2. Juli 2017

Unser Haus ist schon ganz aufgeregt und in Feierlaune!
Es gibt wieder viel Neues zu sehen!
Wir öffnen unsere Pforten und geben euch einen Einblick
hinter die Türen des jüngsten Kunsthauses in Wien.

In Verbindung mit der Finissage von Vunik’s Soloshow “Almost Ready” (Oxymoron Galerie) gibt es jede Menge Programm.

Vor dem Haus könnt ihr euch in einer Chill-Area von einem Fahrradkoch verwöhnen lassen.
Neben Workshops und einem neuen Kunstwerk im Hof haben
unsere liebsten locals eine PRINTFAIR für uns organisiert.

In unserem einzigartigen Hinterhof könnt ihr bei kühlen Getränken, Cocktails und Livepainting einfach mal die Seele baumeln lassen.

Kommt vorbei, genießt die Atmosphere und macht bei unserem Gewinnspiel mit!
Es gibt tolle Artworks zu gewinnen!



The House – Burggasse 98

BURGGASSE98 serves as motivation and inspiration for Vienna and everyone to shape its visual and social sourrounding. By constant development, the power of creativity and collaboration, a normal row house transformed into a figure portraying public acceptance towards contemporary arts in Austria. In 2013, the inhabitants of the house decided to get their fassade painted by professional streetartists.
Since then, the house developed into something bigger then ever expected. A network of artists and designers developed, using the house as a platform
to work together and support each other.
The house inherits a gallery, a fine art store, an open workshop and an airbnb.

Oxymoron Gallery

Oxymoron is a group of austrian and german artists that wanted to created a showroom in Vienna, Austria. The “Oxymoron Galerie” exhibits contemporary urban art. Their focus is on paintings, drawings, photography, sculptures and public interventions. Their aim of this project is to create a place for exchange between artists and art afficionates.
The gallery space is a meeting point, to experience and to support young art from all over the world.

Somogyi – Color Store Vienna

Roman Somogyi is a local legend in Vienna. His shop exists since 1982 and he was the first to bring spray paint to Vienna in the late 80s. His experience with graffiti and airbrush makes him the number one in town. Masters of creative professions source their advice and materials from the “Color Store Vienna”. Somogyi always manages to keep his shop up to date and his clients entertained. Check out his obscure shop and listen to some of his original stories.

Büro 98

The “büro98” is the creative end of Burggasse98. A cutting edge for artists and designers to meet and to create future plans for the house and the connected cooperations and events. Collaborations of all kind are born here. Get in touch if you are interested in organizing and creating a commission with us.üro98 (page coming soon)